A digital financial institution
powered by the blockchain

Which provides payment solution for the Unbanked, access to global funding, cross boarder transactions, digital exchange market, e-commerce, global logistics services and investment opportunities.

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PayAfrik is a Novel Solution

Helping merchants and users utilise the verities of blockchain technology for value exchange by implementing seamless smart services while eliminating the risk of price fluctuations.

We are focused on building an extensive, decentralised online banking protocol which would disrupt conventional banks while providing traditional services for retail and institutional users. We are made up of a team that has expert understanding and vast experience in programming and software development, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, e-commerce, finance and investment.






Problem & Solution

We are solving Africa's biggest banking issues surrounding cross-border remittances, financial inclusion and data valuation using Blockchain.

Evolution of Cryptocurrency

The adoption of cryptocurrencies has been on the rise and we are beginning to see widespread use of cryptocurrencies not just for speculators but for everyday users who transact value equivalent to millions of dollars daily.

FINTECH Challenge in Africa

Traditionally, Africa has lagged behind when new technology has been introduced in the developed world to aid business strategy. Poor financial inclusion parameters, cross-border payment hitches, low investment interest, etc contribute to the numerous fintech challenges faced in developing countries. But with the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it is obvious that these challenges are set to expire in no distant time.

That All Changes
with PayAfrik

Payafrik has launched a number of solutions to enable Africans utilize this technology to solve these traditional problems with ease. Ranging from smart contracts capabilities, payafrik exchanges, payafrik short code service, Crowd funding, and africommerce, we have developed noble solutions that will propagate a lift in productivity for the fintech industry in Africa.

How it Works

Commercializing by utilizing the decentralized


Make Payments to your favorite merchants & also receive payments


Cross border remittances & decentralized stock markets


Asset Valuation and Crowd-funding


Local / Global investment platforms, smart capitals

a Competitive Service

Cryptocurrency Wallet

PayAfrik offers a cryptocurrency wallet with which users can accept cryptocurrencies for services rendered & pay with cryptocurrencies for services received. The PayAfrik wallet can receive and send value anywhere.

P2P and B2B Lending of Crypto Assets

PayAfrik allows users and businesses to support each other by facilitating lending with competitive interest rates and low overhead fees.

AfriCoin (AFK) — The PayAfrik native token

AFK is the native PayAfrik token that users can use to exchange value in the PayAfrik ecosystem. The token can be used as collateral to secure loans and other credit in the PayAfrik ecosystem.

PayAfrik Exchange

This is PayAfrik’s solution to cryptocurrency liquidity. Matching buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies at competitive prices and low fees. The PayAfrikExchange will allow users exchange different tokens.

PayAfrik Mobile Money

With our mobile money solution, you can Pay for utilities locally, withdraw and transfer money from anywere in the world without having an internet-enabled phone or a bank account.

PayAfrik Mart

Make 100% purchases with your afrikcoin in our walk-in mart . Shopping with crypto has never been this easy. Ranging from household products to services. As a vendor/merchant, you can also have your product/services displayed in our mart.

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